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Personal And Business Background Checks

Our private investigators are trained to gather information that is not available if you were to conduct a background check yourself. They are also fully aware of the laws around what we can and cannot do which ensures that the work we do is handled legally.  We can access and relay employment history, marriage / divorce records, residencies, criminal records, property ownership, driving offenses and more. 

Infidelity Investigations For Marital Issues


If you are going through a divorce, suspicious of infidelity or foul play, or even need an investigator for pre-marital reasons, then contact 21st Century Security. Using our private investigator service will get you the information you need. We can gather video, photos, and other evidence that can help you make the right moves towards your goal. We can also use data recovery tools that can access deleted text messages, memos, calendar updates and phone records.

Fraud & Embezzlement Private Investigators 

If you think a person or group has deliberately practiced deception to gain something unlawfully or unfairly from you, then contact 21st Century Security. We can conduct interviews, undercover assignments, and surveillance. We can even arrange for and provide admissions, voluntary resignations, loss recovery, restitution agreements, and more. Financial fraud, identity theft, tax fraud, expense and inventory theft are some of the cases that we have handled successfully.

For The Top Investigative Services, Contact 21st Century Security
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