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Keeping Hotel Event Guests Safe With Before, During And After Security.

Every special event presents it's own unique security challenges that need to be carefully analyzed to determine how much protection is needed, and where. In order to protect the attendees as well as the property, 21st Century Security coordinates with event management and local law enforcement agencies to deploy the proper security personnel to prevent any issue from occurring.

Hotel Perimeter Security Is Just As Important As Inside Event Security.


Security professionals can be positioned in various locations to patrol entry points, parking lots and garages at hotels in and around NYC. We can also ensure line control and general crowd control. We can take a high visibility uniformed approach, or a discreet approach dressed in business attire or tuxedos for a prestigious affair or even plain clothed to blend in amongst the crowd.

Security Guards For Entering & Exiting Access Hotel Events In And Around NYC. 

Access control security is based on what type of access points are on the property and what they function as. We can provide security screening, searching and scanning to visitors or employees entering or exiting NYC hotels. We can identify and confirm with the person who is expecting the visitor, provide a security escort  or issue a visitor access badge. We can also handle deliveries arriving at access points, screen the delivery agent and the package to verify that the delivery type is permitted in that area. 


Street Crowd Control & Event Security In And Around NYC.

21st Century Security maintains a sense of order where crowds gather anywhere in and around NYC. For crowd control, highly visible and uniformed security is recommended so their presence is plainly seen. If there is an altercation, our security guards are well trained to verbally de-escalate conflicts. But if necessary, they can also physically remove the person/persons from the grounds. We coordinate with event management to deploy the proper security personnel and help prevent any issues from occurring.

From Weddings To Sweet 16's To Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, All Parties Can Use Security Officers.

If you are planning any type of party in and around NYC, add security guards to your list. Having security at your party or catered affair is a smart choice for many reasons. We can dress like a guest and mingle a bit or act as employees to greet guests.  This allows us to get a first impression of everyone which can be useful as the night goes on. We can watch out for theft by guests and party crashers to protect against this criminal behavior. We even communicate with bartenders to avoid over indulging, drinks being delivered to minors, and potential drug supply and use.  At the end of the night, we keep an eye on those who may be a little too buzzed to drive, sit them down and arrange transportation.  And no one ever has to know that we are security, just a person being helpful and considerate while protecting you from potential liability.

Attendee Security Guards For Major NYC Hotel Events.

Basic hotel security is very different than the type of security we provide. Security guards that work as employees of the hotel are there to protect the guests, not cover the events being held or the speakers attending. 21st Century Security is the top choice of many hotels throughout NYC and Long island. We have been providing security for hotel events and it's attendees for many years. Hotels rely on good reviews about the events that are held and you can rely on us for the security behind it all.

Contact Us For More Info On Any Type Of NYC Hotel Event Or Venue Security.

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