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Move To And From Safely With Personal Bodyguard & Close Protection Services.

For high profile executives, celebrities, or government officials, the use of close protection security is a necessity to move freely to and from meetings or engagements. The presence of 21st Century Security agents discourage potential disruption or intrusion. Each client has different needs and are all assessed on an individual basis. Depending on the level of protection required, we can discuss the best strategy to establish the most efficient plan of security.

Close Protection Bodyguards For Executives

Our executive protection services enable clients to carry out their business with confidence and peace of mind. We have the expertise to design each assignment to the specific needs of the company and the individual subject. 21st Century Security executive protection agents are trained and licensed with military, law enforcement or special forces backgrounds. 

Close Protection Bodyguards For Politicians


Any politician can choose to hire their own personal security officers from a private security firm, even those who already have protection from a federal agency. Politicians can always use more protection than government agencies are able to provide. Especially with increased public exposure when becoming more popular in the public eye. 21st Century Security can provide this extra layer of safety and add additional peace of mind. Contract us for speaking engagements, crowd control, guest appearances, during travel and more. 

Close Protection Bodyguards For Artists / Musicians

The word fan is a derivative of the word fanatical, which some can become when in the presence of a famous musicians. And in the music business, security is always at the top of the list. 21st Century Security can provide the right type of security that allows a musician or group to focus on their schedule without being concerned with their surroundings. The security that we provide can even extend to family members and the crews that are working with the musicians. 

Close Protection Bodyguards For Celebrities

Bodyguards have long been a fixture, appearing along side famous actors and celebrities. Most celebrities need some type of bodyguard protection, and if the celebrity is a high profile person, a security team can be arranged. 21st Century Security can provide the highest protection from paparazzi, psychotic fans, stalkers, ex-partners and more. Hire 21st Century Security for functions, events, business meetings, award ceremonies, music videos, dinners, shopping trips and more.

Close Protection Bodyguards For Athletes

For those who play professional sports, personal threats can come from places that are not common to the average high profile person. This can include those who have become enraged by a sports bet loss. Millions of dollars are wagered daily on sporting events. At 21st Century Security, we have the experience working with athletes. We can devlope a security plan that protects them from the common fan to the unusual type of threats that they can encounter.

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