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Inside And Out Security For Warehouses And Buildings In And Around NYC.

There are many reasons to hire a security guard for your warehouse and residential buildings in NYC. The presence of a security guard will certainly help to deter crime on your property. If a criminal is casing your property and sees that a security guard is on duty, they will most likely choose a different building to target. Security guards are also trained in first aid and CPR which can help someone while waiting for an ambulance.

In NYC, Luxury Apartment Building Security Is A Must 

Residential security in NYC goes beyond manning the front gate. Hiring security guards for your residential properties can keep your tenants safer and deter crimes from even happening. Proper training is key to an effective security plan and 21st Century Security officers have the experience to diffuse a situation verbally or with neccesary force when needed.

Construction Site Security, Because Nothing Is Nailed Down.


If you are a builder, property manager or developer in and around NYC or Long Island, consider 21st Century Security to patrol your construction site. After hours, expensive building materials can be a prime target for theft. Our security services can prevent these losses by providing a strong presence which will deter criminals from eyeing your construction site.


We can provide different types of security guards based on on the type and level of the security that is needed. At 21st Century Security, we discuss with you what type of protection is needed. Whether we are securing the perimeter of a business on Long Island, hotels, or a luxury apartment building in NYC, you can trust us to keep everyone feeling safer and deter crime. 

Armed Or Unarmed, Plain Clothes Or Uniformed Security Officers

Contact 21st Century Security For Building & Hotel Protection In NYC, Long Island Or NJ.
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