Keeping guests, workers and the hotel itself safe.

Hotel Event Guest Security.

Today, additional security for guests attending events at hotels is a must. This security must go beyond the standard security provided by the hotel itself.


Planning security for special events requires an approach tailored to the specific event. If you are a meeting planner it is vital to ensure that a customized security plan is in place for your event. The size and nature of the event will largely dictate reasonable access options. Depending on the situation we can even supplement the existing hotel security staff with certified Fire Guards & Fire Safety Directors.


When you contract our services, we first conduct a thorough threat assessment to identify and quantify potential risks. Before your event, we pre-screen guests to a previously agreed upon level. This measure often prevents individuals who represent a threat from even receiving an invitation. It also gives the security planner reasonable assurance that any potential disruptions or threats will not come from within the event. We also pre-screen event and vendor staff and provide garment badges or pins for quick, reliable identification.


During your event, we establish a deterrent presence with identifiable guards at entry and exit areas. This presence is augmented by plain clothes personnel who blend easily with guests and further prevent unauthorized entry. These preventive measures can intercept crashers, stalkers, thieves or any other threats to your event. Our agents quietly but firmly provide a high level of security, with little or no disruption to your event, if unauthorized access is attempted. 21st Century Security knows it is better to deter a disruption than deal with its aftermath. We have the experience and the know-how to provide noticeable and/or discreet security.