Move freely to and from with no disruption.

Specialized security and protection services on an emergency, stand-by or regular basis.

For high profile executives, celebrities, or government officials, the use of close protection security is a necessity to move freely to and from meetings or engagements. The presence of 21st Century Security agents discourage potential disruption or intrusion. Each client has different needs and are all assessed on an individual basis. Depending on the level of protection required, we design and discuss strategies to establish the most cost effective and efficient plan of action.


Close security protection can be deployed individually or in a team discreetly in undercover clothing or in uniform for a visibly powerful presence. Whatever the situation requires, a security protection campaign performed by 21st Century Security is a highly reassuring service. Contact a 21st Century Security representative for more information regarding any of our professional bodyguard, close protection and armed escort services.

• Executives
• Politicians
• Musicians
• Dignitaries
• Celebrities
• Athletes