21st Century Security. Protecting the safety, security and well being of a broad spectrum of clientele.


Partnering with 21st Century Security, the top security company in the Tri-State area, is a sound investment into your privacy, protection and peace of mind.

Corporate Clientele:

• Hilton Hotel Corp

• Marriott Hotels

• Microsoft

• Manhattan Beer Distributor

• Nike Corp

• NBC/Universal

• Shell Oil Company

• Starwood Hotels

• Universal Studios

• Verizon

• World Economic Forum


Political Clientele:

• Al Gore

• Bill & Hillary Clinton

• Anthony Weiner


Sports Clientele:

• Baseball Writers Association

• Mayweather/Ortiz Press Conference
• National Football League

• NBA Star, Allan Iverson


Entertainment Clientele:

• Daytime Emmy Awards

• Fiore Films

• Jeopardy

• Jerry Lewis

• Song Writers Hall of Fame

• Vanna White

• Wheel of Fortune

• Michael J. Fox Foundation

• Yoko Ono




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