Inside and out building security and protection services.

Building Security Services.
Concierge Services

21st Century Security provides assessment, design and implementation for all aspects of concierge services. Security officers that perform concierge services provide both security functions as well as customer service. They can enforce rules and regulations, escort VIP executives, and secure visitor and employee entry, while at the same time providing clerical and desk attendant services. These trained security officers can be outfitted with sport jackets and dress slacks ensuring that the image you want reflected is well represented.



Proctors secure access and provide observation for high level state and corporate exams. Whether it is a paper or computer based test, 21st Century Security proctors will monitor, supervise and create a secure testing environment as well as protecting the documents themselves. These certified security officers can detect unusual behavior and take action based on your business rules and regulations in the professional manner that you expect.


Video Surveillance Systems

Video cameras are the backbone of any security system and can offer a number of advanced security features. 21st Century Security supplies and installs all types of wired and wireless high definition video surveillance systems that can either record directly to themselves or to an external recording unit that can support multiple video cameras. These video surveillance systems can cover any or all of your residential or commercial property and can include Infra Red for low light environments and motion detection features that can automatically create and email videos to you.



Secure your property with a higher degree of surveillance and crime protection with a CCTV system from 21st Century Security. We implement CCTV systems that we can integrate with any type of operating system compatible with all digital security systems. Whether indoors or out, a CCTV surveillance system can detect and record any suspicious activity in or around your property.


Proximity and Swipe Card Access Systems

21st Century Security supplies and installs key card swipe access and automatic proximity card access systems that control and monitor entry and exiting of anyone it is specifically programmed for. Both card access systems provide more than simple control and protection. Detailed reports can be retrieved of who entered, exited and when. Access can also be programmed to grant or deny users in specific areas, at certain times or even certain days. Provide a safer environment with a swipe or proximity card access system from 21st Century Security.