ABOUT 21st Century Security

21st Century Security was founded in 1985 by company president Anthony Poveromo, a former NYPD officer who brings decades of safety expertise for both individuals and businesses.

As a retired New York City Police Officer who was an active member of the Tactical Patrol Unit of the Special Operations Division, and a member of the Movie/TV Unit of the Mayor's Office for Motion Pictures and TV, Tony is well aware of the advantages and necessity of private security services. For almost 40 years, Tony Poveromo has brought unique skills and strong leadership qualities to the industry and has been directly involved in the full scope of advanced and reliable security measures.

21st Century Standards

President and Founder of 21st Century Security, Anthony Poveromo, speaks on security and what's now needed in this fast-paced and high-tech world.


Protection agents are all current or former law enforcement professionals.
Each agent is schooled and experienced in the many aspects that make for successful security operations.
• Threat assessment
• Evacuation planning
• Conflict management
• Personal protection
• Evasive driving
• High profile environments
• Surveillance
• Communications